The Raging Spirits’ Size 3 monsters force the opponent to

Now David works as a private detective using the special power he gained that day: to revisit the past using “mementos” of specific people and solve crimes that would otherwise be unsolvable. His target is the mysterious “D”, a drug dealer whose product seems linked to hundreds of bizarre and frightening deaths within Boston. With the aid of former partner Forrest Kaysen, David works to track down “D” in the hope of using one of his/her mementos to travel back in time and save Peggy.

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With so many trails that either meander along the coast past solitary coves or take you inland through the pine and holm oak forests, Lloret de Mar is perfect for those who love to hike. And what better way to get to know the real heart of a region and experience more of its flora and fauna than under your own steam and in your own time.

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