The Cotton

Cotton plants in the genus Gossypium called with about 40 species of shrubs of the family Malvaceae, native totropical and subtropical regions

Both Old World and New. They are cultivated to produce cotton.

In the wild, plants can grow more than 3 m. The leaves are broad with 3 or 5 lobes (sometimes seven). The seedsare contained in a capsule called baga and each surrounded by a fluffy fiber called lint.

The cotton crop is one of the most used chemicals, so that it can contaminate the land. Cotton also requires large amounts of water compared to other crops.

The lint is produced naturally in white, brown and green, so in many places white cotton cash crop has banned the cultivation of these wild species, to avoid genetic contamination with varieties of color.

Products obtained from the cotton plant
Cotton bud.

Cotton is a textile product obtained from the cotton plant. It is of great economic importance because of its fruitgives the cotton fiber. The word is also used to refer to the cotton fiber.

Obtained various cotton apparel products, rocket fuel and has recently found that the paper money (ticket) is made​​entirely of Euro.