It’s filled with holy water to test if he’s a demon

The 1993 mini series specifically provides examples of: Adults Are Useless: Stanley’s parents are at first bewildered, concerned, and freaked out by all the crazy things that happen. but by the final issue they’ve come to terms with it. Backwards Firing Gun: Ambrose Bierce gives Stanley a backwards firing water pistol that squirts him in the face. It’s filled with holy water to test if he’s a demon. Captain Ersatz: DC wouldn’t let Foglio use John Constantine, so he created an almost identical character named Ambrose Bierce and hung a lampshade on it. And they wouldn’t let him use Neil Gaiman’s Sandman in a dream sequence, so Gardner Fox’s original Sandman appears instead (but talks and acts as if he were Gaiman’s King of Dreams). Chekhov’s Armoury: Justified When Stanley is preparing to go rescue Spot, Ambrose Bierce has him pick “Everything he thinks they will need”, simultaneously casting a spell that creates a causality loop in which whatever Stanley picks will be exactly what’s required. But it forms a kind of Plot Tailored to the Party as Stanley and the Monster will be unable to leave Hell until all the items are used. Creator In Joke: The references to the Heterodyne Boys in the first issue were this at the time, though they’ve become more famous since. Cute Monster Girl: The demon Nyx, Spot’s old flame. Darker and Edgier: Played with. Foglio seems to be seeing how many references to Vertigo Comics he can work in without the story ceasing to be light and fluffy. (Also, the cover of the first issue depicts Darker and Edgier versions of the characters, knee deep in skulls being day dreamed by an editor while Foglio pitches the light and fluffy mini series to him.) Great Big Book of Everything: The Heterodyne Boys Big Book of Fun. Historical Domain Character: Ambrose Bierce, John Constantine like occult detective, is supposedly the Ambrose Bierce, whose horror stories were based on fact. (His famous disappearance is explained here as being him going into hiding because an Eldritch Abomination was coming to complain about the write up he’d given it.) Identical Stranger: Ambrose Bierce looks identical to John Constantine, even demons get it wrong. Occult Detective: Ambrose Bierce Overused Copycat Character: The comic pokes fun of the Trenchcoat Brigade by having Ambrose Bierce, a fellow brigadier, describe it like so: “You learn the basics, have a hideous experience in a graveyard, they give you a trenchcoat and steal your razor. Like an assembly line, really.”.

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