East Kilbride’s Sean Winter: We can send Cowdenbeath crashing

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Falabella Replica Bags The midfielder sent the Blue Brazil down to the bottom tier of the SPFL in 2016 as the Spiders earned a 2 1 aggregate win in the semi finals before going on to win promotion to League One.Today Woods will lead promotion chasing Kilby into battle at K Park for the League Two play off final first leg, hoping to compound Cowden’s misery and consign them to a third straight relegation.Paul Woods in League One play off semi final action against Cowdenbeath last seasonThe Central Park outfit were playing Rangers and Hearts in the Championship in 2015, but must now beat Martin Lauchlan’s men over two legs to avoid trips to the likes of BSC Glasgow and Selkirk in the Lowland League next term.And Woods, who scored as Kilby beat Buckie Thistle in the semi finals, said: “It’s funny how football works sometimes, to end up in this situation again.”Hopefully I can help put Cowdenbeath down another league.”They have gone from the Championship, to League One and now League Two.”The way they’ve fallen has been unbelievable, so the pressure is definitely on them to avoid going into the Lowland League.East Kilbride’s Sean Winter: We can send Cowdenbeath crashing from senior ranks”Beating them last year was one of the best times I’ve had in football. Falabella Replica Bags

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