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better from these losses and I’m sure
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wholesale jerseys china out of that match (with Kucova), as painful as it was. "And I hope she gets something from the first two matches because there was a lot there." It didn’t help that Bouchard had to deal with a stomach problem after her second round match, although she said it was not a factor. She also arrived to some negative press, with local columnists taking her to task for everything from her English accented French, calling herself Genie instead of the French version Eugenie, saying at the Citi Open last week that she may stay in Washington to visit museums rather than go to the "craziness" in Montreal and generally not making more of an effort to connect with her hometown fans. Bouchard did some fence mending during the week, taking part in fan events, giving interviews and,
authentic cheap jerseys most of all, playing well on court until running into Kucova. "I think the media in Montreal are very tough with her," said Bruneau. "I’m biased because