But the leading theory is that cholesterol the stuff that you

“People who run for the highest office in the land have to realize whether they like it or not they are role models for young people,” Kelly said. “And they are accountable for what they say and to some extent they’re accountable for the actions of others. And we would all be in a much better place if everybody realized that.”. Graveline is just one of the hundreds who’ve reported similar side effects to the FDA, and the really weird part is that no one knows exactly why Lipitor (and other “statin” drugs) have this effect on some people partly because people who take heart disease medication tend to be older, and older people are already prone to dementia and other diseases that the memory loss might be mistaken for. But the leading theory is that cholesterol the stuff that you know from commercials as being your arteries’ boogeyman is actually vital for your brain to function properly because it insulates nerve cells. So while Lipitor is stripping the inside of your arteries, it might also be stripping those nerves and fucking up your brain’s capacity to remember stuff..

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