Private Labels

hygiene 100% Cotton Superior quality

Your Brand in Our Products

The quality of Algodon Superior cotton products results from a strict manufacturing process. We select the best raw materials and inputs for submission to cleaning and disinfection processes, obtaining 100% absorbent products, natural, disposable, hygienic, soft and hypoallergenic.

We have the capacity to produce private label brands for all of our different product lines.

Our product line is as follows:

Cotton packed in polyethylene bag:

100% absorbent cotton packed in polyethylene bags, from 1 to 300 grams. We are able to produce this cotton in a zigzag (plated) way.

Cotton in rolls:

100% absorbent cotton rolls in a cylindrical form packed in paper, boxes or polyethylene bags. From 50 to 4500 grams.


100% absorbent cotton balls (puffs) packed in a plastic bag for medical and cosmetic use. Sizes from 0.3 grams to 2 grams per ball, packed in different quantities. Colors: white, pastel or solid colors, using one or combined colors in a single bag.

Cotton Pads:

Die cut facial pads of 100% absorbent cotton. One color packed in different quantities. Pastel colors are also available, with one color in each bag. Design: round and rectangular.

Cotton Dental Roll:

Compressed rolls of 100% absorbent cotton #1, #2 thread, polyester and latex fiber. In 2,3,4,5 and, 6 inches wide, by 5 yards in length when stretched. Each one packed in a plastic wrap.