The cotton fiber

The fiber is used to make fabrics soft and permeable. Cotton is a very valuable crop because only 10% of its weight is lost in processing.

Once other elements such as wax and pure protein. This cellulose is arranged in a certain way that gives cottonunique properties of durability, strength and absorption.

Each fiber is composed of 20 or 30 layers of cellulose coiled in a series of natural springs. When the cotton boll(seed capsule) is opened the fibers dry entangled with each other, great thread.

The composition of cotton is almost pure cellulose. Its color is white, pale yellow or slightly reddish. Its fiber is more or less silky, strong in greater or lesser degree and Longde long. As the thickness varies from 6 to 29 hundredthsof a millimeter per fiber. Long staple cotton is used for the manufacture of taste, Indian, etc.. The homogeneity ofelasticity, strength and color are the qualities that most directly influence the degree of estimation algodón.1

Cotton has been used to make clothing deiempo light in tropical regions. Some people claim that the Egyptians used cotton since 12,000 a. C., and have found evidence of cotton in Mexican caves 7000 years in age. But theoldest written reference comes from India.

Although fiber is more common today, was the last natural fiber to attain commercial importance. In the V centuryB.C. already used in Greece from India.

Although the ancient Greeks, Romans used for awnings, sails and clothing in Europe did not extend its use untilseveral centuries later.