Join Superior Cotton has allowed me to understand the value of solidarity, and that through the years managed to become one big family, where we care for the good of each and every one, knowing that despite all the difficulties that may arise in our day to day, we are all responsible for the common good, hence came to understand that my work was as important as the work of others which is why I strove to do the best possible way, a firm and persevering for about 46 years.

Marco Antonio Reyes
Shift Supervisor, now retired (1963-2009)
Algodón Superior, S. A.


I still remember that more than 50 years, arriving on time my work was a challenge, I played a long journey, which included having to get up early, transship many buses and take long walks through coffee plantations, many times, under the severe weather … The world has changed and with it came modernity in terms of road infrastructure and transport more efficient, but never stop reaching the exact time and comply fully with my homework. Now I understand that my decision in any way be responsible for transmission work and committed many other people. Accountability is a fundamental and essential value of life..

Eva Rosalina Toledo
Packer, now retired (1958-2002)
Algodón Superior, S. A.

Human Development

I remember my first day working as a Maintenance Supervisor, I immediately assumed responsibility to repair a fan supplying cold air to the center line of cardaje (area where cotton fibers go through a combing process) that days there was not much time to do a full tour inside the plant, but the time has elapsed, and now after 13 years, and as Head of Production, attest not only to know every corner of the factory and its sophisticated machinery, but even more, each and every one of the people who work closely and diligently in the production process.

Algodón Superior, has allowed me to participate directly in certification processes, implementing technologies and formation of teams of high performance. However, I have provided enough stability to move forward to achieving my family, so much so that today the joy of great satisfaction to see my three children to pursue their different university. I am sure that all who make up the top we have a great family success story to share.

Marco Antonio Pérez
Production Manager (1998 – present)
Algodón Superior, S. A.


Innovation, Competitiveness relationship is widely accepted, as is the notion that greater competition leads to a better quality of life, which have become today, compulsory subjects in the rules of progressive and successful organizations. High Cotton is a leading regional level of innovation, and that through our research and development processes, we are in constant pursuit and consolidation of business opportunities within and outside our borders, as well as continuous improvement of our production processes and developing new and innovative products that benefit our customers as well as everyone involved in the distribution chain, which brings a better quality of life for everyone who lives in one way or another “the Superior experience. ” Hence, among our outstanding sales team, administrative, operational and regional distributors, settle all, one in front of excellence and competitiveness.

Francisco E. Martínez
Commercial Manager (2006 – present)
Algodón Superior, S. A.


Not long ago I was appointed coordinating the Quality Assurance Department Superior Cotton Factory, established by an outstanding team of professionals who have supported me at every level. Together, we realize that our role goes beyond the mere control of what we produce and sell, and this, because as leaders within the manufacturers of cotton wool (cotton wool), it behooves us to honor every day that merit, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers through our ability to respond on their applications and each finished product demonstrating the highest level of productivity, safety and efficacy. All this is possible thanks to the set of rules and procedures which are now certified in Good Manufacturing Practices GMP cosmetic and pharmaceutical level, which we undertake to provide and secure at all times, products and superior service.

William Cáceres
Head of Quality Assurance (2008 – present)
Algodón Superior, S. A.

Proof & Continuous Improvement

The consistency and continuous improvement are two core values ​​that have accompanied me throughout my life, from emergence of a modest job as a bookseller, reaching a position of administrative leadership, however, the power to procreate my three wonderful daughters with my persistent husband, let me attest to the many blessings, strength and inspiration received from God.

The adoption of these principles has allowed me to grow in the professional field, so much so that today I am instrumental in the decision of the administrative council of cotton, making manage efficiently and effectively to economic resources, human and material the factory, which has resulted in prosperity, development and productivity for this. Slightly more than 16 years of working for Cotton Superior, let me note that today and here are the product of perseverance, learning and continuous improvement of our processes and tenacious teamwork, which has allowed us to implement edge technologies in our production processes and information, develop and innovate new product lines have the most qualified and committed staff, obtain certifications GMP Good Manufacturing Practices, optimize emergency teams, creating areas of nursing, equip our laboratory with the best technology available, have a committee of industrial hygiene and safety, have a storage system (racks) in our cellar, have the flow needed to import raw materials of the highest quality, availability of sufficient inventory to supply time to all our channels and markets in the region and be able to develop private brands for foreign markets are just some of the greatest satisfactions and rewards the effort made by the Superior family.

Patricia Mayén De Mendizábal
Office Manager (1995 – present)
Algodón Superior, S. A.


From the point of view of the Technical Directorate of Cotton Superior Quality is talking about compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices, For a company that manufactures medical and surgical products (PMQ) and toiletries (PT) are classified as products, according to the Regulations for the Control of Drugs and Allied Products, GMP compliance throughout the industry as it has to do with the health of the population, is indispensable.

After more than 15 years working in High Cotton SA and see improvement in its facilities, equipment, personnel, documentation, distribution, product innovation and realize that every day there is more commitment from management and the rest of the staff for compliance with GMP not only as a legal obligation, but as a philosophy of life within the company, I am very pleased and proud to work with it, unique in Central America, where the quality is a daily goal.

Ana María Haeusller
Technical Director (1995 – present)
Algodón Superior, S. A.

Enthusiasm & Teamwork

Behind every fiber, cotton ball and pad lies the enthusiasm, commitment and teamwork of each and every one of the great family which is the Superior, a passion that comes from the heart of the organization and its beginnings, a Board of Directors an Administrative Council and a group of collaborators across and three generations have had the full conviction that TEAMWORK is the most effective method to achieve the highest level of productivity in each area, a principle that serves as the axis Cam drives in sync and effective Organizational all the gear, so that even in the absence of any of its parts, it remains efficient. Thus, the passion, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit of those who constituted Superior Cotton, S. A. in 1956, passed on from generation to generation, leaving a significant mark on the lives of every employee.

In the 20 years that I have to serve as facilitator for resource management and development of IT for Superior Cotton, I have been able to validate not only the evolution and technological development that has brought us to this day to implement cutting edge technology in our administrative management (Microsoft Dynamics), but I could not understand how the organization is fed in parallel through the enthusiasm and tenacious work of many, people who may be able to go unnoticed in terms of decision making, but that similarly have contributed positively to the consolidation of our leadership and mentality, so come to life the excitement of Jack the messenger, inside and outside our facilities were a great philanthropist, decimating their talent (charisma), and scarce resources for the most in need, our housekeeper, who with his kindness and willingness huge supplies our needs daily cleaning and servicing, our plant operators through a secretive process of production, give life to each finished product represent us with dignity on the shelves of the large surface area, the guards who watch over our security, and even our families, same as those behind us giving us support and unconditional support to confront the challenges of each day, each and all who contribute unconditionally, in good times and bad, in prosperity and austerity, day and night, enabling each of us become a leader, can call themselves a great family member TOP.

José Luis Borrayo
IT Development Manager (1991 – present)
Algodón Superior, S. A.


Loyalty is one of the most cherished values ​​in organizations, but is now known that the lack of loyalty is also one of the most common complaints. Thus arises the need to set a binding precedent for themselves and the organization, something that even goes beyond a contract, which leads to a basic service promise tenacious, a guarantee of quality and excellence in the face our clients, who we really owe. (Regional distributors, government institutions, wholesalers, retailers and final consumers).

I still remember that in an October 15, 1995, date in which I was hired as Assistant Sales Manager, I had to receive first-hand the best and most consistent example of loyalty pate of the founders of High Cotton, S. A; people of integrity, committed to their moral principles and organizational values, an inspiring example that proactively influenced not only me, but in each of the contributors to this organization, to such an extent that even today the loyalty represented and our core values ​​that precede us, is intimately linked to their identity that has shaped our industry leadership. For me it’s a real honor and a source of great pride to work for the Guatemalan company Algodón Superior, S. A.

Armando Velíz
Institutional Sales Supervisor (1995 – present)
Algodón Superior, S. A.

Integrity & Leadership

This issue is something we have to look at from different points of view, because if we talk about an integrated company, while we talk about the team of people working in them and therefore what we are as people outside, both in the social and family life. The first thing that comes to mind when I speak of integrity is doing the right thing, something that will bring internal growth without affecting others.

If we have integrity as a people, we can achieve through our leadership to our team and our company also is.

In the case of the focused leadership we have the ability to affect others, either with our attitudes and guidelines or our products, because of the way we act within the organization, is how the people we look from the outside world. When you buy our product, not only is buying a product made from cotton, are buying a way of doing things, love, gentleness that put our workers in our product and our company have a product makes us different from the competition within that package are assessments of fibers, credit agreements on purchase and sale, production guidelines, ideas, innovation and development, gentlemen’s agreements, choice of our distributors, so all that combined is what lead us to be the company we are today and be on the minds of consumers, for our consistent quality.

Carlos E. Borjes
General Manager (1996 – present)
Algodón Superior, S. A.