Superior purity

Superior Experience is defined by the quality and purity of its cotton <raw material>, so we take important care to ensure the use of fibers 100% pure cotton.


Superior consistency

Since 1957, our cotton is processed under the strictest quality standards, which allowed us to achieve the highest standards of good manufacturing practices and ensure the highest level of satisfaction in the use and application of our products. “The quality of our cotton is perceived instantly…”


Superior Smoothness

Nothing is as pleasant to the touch as the softness conferred by the 100% pure cotton, coupled with the use of imported highest quality chemicals employed throughout the manufacturing process. “Top experience that you won´t be able to disengage…”


Superior Freshness

The freshness of our products is the result of a spontaneous quality associated with using 100% natural fiber cotton, however, the use of other selective raw materials of the highest quality possible.


Welcome to Algodón Superior

Algodón Superior, S. A.  is an industrial Guatemalan company established by local entrepreneurs in over a century; accredited within Central American regional market for over 57  years, the company has been dedicated to manufacture absorbent cotton for medical, cosmetic and dentistry uses, also elastic bandages, cotton swabs and cotton gauze.